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Jurong yi ke sai rubber products co., LTD—Is located in known as“Nanjing new eastern suburb、Jinling imperial garden”Jurong city with the reputation of the territory,The transportation is convenient,The geographical environment is superior。The company invites Taiwan、Senior figures in domestic tire industry2005 In the preparation,The company's total investment1000 Thousands of dollars,2007 Completed and put into operation earlier this year,Annual production of tyre2,000 Article ten thousand,Inner tube2,500 Article ten thousand。

Company specializing in the production of various kinds of bicycle inner tube、Tyre and electric bicycle inner tube、Tyre。The introduction of international advanced rubber production equipment,Using today's most mature tyre production line tube,Sophisticated technology。In accordance with the companyISO9000 The quality management system to establish standardized system,Implement the company's internal management、The product quality monitoring。Equipped with sophisticated detection equipment,Established a perfect detection means,From raw materials into the factory to the finished product shipped to implement the comprehensive process control。

Color tire with five claws(White)
Color tire with five claws(Powder)
Color tire with five claws(Red)
Fluorescent camouflage
Fluorescent camouflage
Fluorescent camouflage